New Series......New Look

Starting point?  Wanting to make a change..create a new look that is still me..which attributes do I keep, which ones do I change?  It's a process made a little easier and faster as I've been thinking about this type of art for three years.  The previous paintings evolved while I was working on some landscapes in pastel and took a dramatic turn towards texture...lost the landscapes but discovered I really, really love texture!

I have taken off on a fanciful flight to capture the tulip fileds of the Skagit Valley using my abstract style.  Aerial photos were the starting point.  Farmlands from above-incredible designs!  Experimenting with molding paste, combs, forks, and palette knives followed.  Then....I waited..color stumped me.  I started out playing it safe-even added a couple of sections of bronze.  What I learned..don't play it safe!  The new look is going the bold, the bright, the gaudy!

The first painting of the new series is named Dream Fields.  To view these tulip fields from an airplane or a hot air balloon is possible every Spring in the Skagit Valley thirty minutes from my house.  But to experience them in a flying dream only happens once.... if you're lucky!! I'm going to have to work much bigger to get that dream feeling back!


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Terrific new direction. Texture, you can't help yourself once you go there!
-- Aspire, 3/12/10

Love the new work! The "Dream Fields" paintings remind me of what the tulip fields look like from the air. Virginia
-- Virginia Collins, 2/25/10

Wow! I love you bold and full of color! And sure wish those colors were around here-all we have is white, and more white!
-- Mary Saunders, 2/24/10

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