Now What????

It's Ready!!
The art is done, all the paperwork filled out, and off to the post office! Now that my big project is completed I have a hole to fill.....what to do next?  I have been spending hours in my studio and I kinda like it out there...but I need to have something to do.

Great thing is I have several ideas just have to decide which one is first and....I think it is going to be printmaking!! I haven't done any of my fish prints since last summer, and I'm running very low on nice ones.  I even have a possible gallery to sell them for me if..if....I can get some really nice ones done.

So that will be the focus of the next couple of weeks while I wait for the panel to decide about the Spirit Sisters.  The moon is full tonight but I don't have a last really great prints happened on the solstice 09....there really is something to having the right energy for the right project.  I do have velvet being a favorite. Metallic paints on black printing paper makes some awesome gyotaku!

Check back in a week or so and see what happened!!


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