June 22nd I will be teaching a class on how to print a Tshirt with a really cool ocotpus or a fish..or both.  The photo shows one of the first steps....arranging the octopus. It is important to get him all laid out just right....The class will be held at Gallery By the Bay in downtown Stanwood.  I will bring the ocotpi and the paint....maybe some shirts but usually people like to bring their own.  Be sure it is 100% cotton and has been washed.  All of this info with times and cost can be found by going to the Gallery's website..look under links and it will take you there.  Isn't technology wonderful?


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My son had a great time creating his very unique t-shirt! Octopi take longer to arrange than fish, & design is well worth that effort. Notice his crab permit; he's only one to catch any.
-- Kathleen Saunders, 5/26/09

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