Octoprinting..the class

Here we are getting ready to put a very clean white skirt down on a painted octopus.  Yes, that would be a real wet and stinky octopus!! Patti my friend and neighbor and fellow artist thought we would be using cut outs or plastic ocotpi. She was a bit surprised when she showed up for class and saw the real thing!  She placed three prints down and around her white skirt and then added one on the back to cover a paint oopsy!  Ther were seven participants and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  I ran around like a crazy person trying to keep paint just where it was suppose to be.  They loved the flick paint part..one lady said it was the best part to which I replied "that is just what my 6th graders used to say." We will run the class again if there is interest!


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