Oh My! Collage

Fall Pears
Collage has edged its way into my studio, and I am truly enjoying what is happening in this area.  It started with the Power Women after taking a class from Molly LeMaster two summers ago.  Last summer my art buddies got together again and this time we made some cool papers using CitroSolve and old  National Geogrpahics....the solvent melts the inks on the page and they smear and blend together giving a real unusual feel.  I used these papers to create the pear collage...along with my signature... yarn .

Most recently, I have started a new series of female figured collages using papers from my gelli printing ,alcohol ink smearing, rubbings...all those cool things I have been making now for several years and have decided to make something out of... I am calling them the Venus series as I used the ancient Venus figurine as my start in
 designing them.  Okay, I left off the huge breasts and added a head and out stretched arms but the hips are there!!! Both of these collages are hanging at Laurie's.


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