On the first train

Today the first train in 38 years stopped at the new Stanwood Station....and we were on it dressed to the hilt!! Vickie from Truly Vintage loaned us some great hats, muffs, and capes.  I had more pictures taken of me than I can ever remember...look for us in the newspaper as this idea of Laurie's was a winner!. Look closely and you will see our State Senator Mary- Margaret in red in the center of all that vintage!!

Now, why put this news on my art blog you ask?? Well, it is important to know how all the art lovers living in other parts of the state are going to be able to get to Stanwood and then to Camano Island so they can see and then purchse my art...right?  Now you have a train!! It was great.  They ran special buses from Camano to the Amtrak station in Everett so we could ride up and be the first ones off..and I was!! Then they bussed us all back to the triangle on Camano. 

I've got the heat on in the studio and actually got some work done yesterday....for the first time in three months.  More on that later! 


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