On the Way to Location 11

Queen Bee sculpture
You've marked your calendar and you know you will be headed to Camano for the Studio Tour..now to plan on your route and narrow down what you just have to see! 

 One of the really cool things you have a chance to participate in is the wonderful picnic lunch being offered by the Utsalady Ladies' Aid.  You have to drive right by on your way to the north end and Location 11.  This group of hard cooking volunteers raises money to maintain the historic building as well as giving scholarships to Stanwood seniors, the Food Bank and other good causes. These ladies start roasting those turkey breasts early and are known for their great cooking and wonderful trukey sandwiches!! Pick up your lunch and drive 1 mile up the hill to the Utsalady Point Park for an exceptional view of Mount Baker, the water, eagles......and..guess what ? You'll be at Location 11 as the park is just next door.  On Sunday the 15th they have their annual Pot Roast Dinner...so take you pick..the first weekend you can have a special turkey sandwich picnic lunch or wait for the next Sunday and have pot roast..or..do BOTH! Just come happy and well fed to Location 11!!!

The photo shows me with a piece of yard sculpture done by Debbi Rhodes......check her out as well as you continue down and around the island! Part of the fun is the drive and the views! Watch out for bikers on that second weekend!


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