Partnering for Success!

Dolors at work
What fun!  Dolors Ruscha and I are working together to create a web site for her and some custom glass jewels for my paintings!!  It says a lot for the ease of creating a web site with Zhibit that I am the consulting web master!! A few of you will be shocked to know someone is depending on me to get their site up and running. But it is true...I'll have a link to her site when it is up and ready.  In the mean time she has created several glass pieces for me to fit in my new commission work.  I'm still designing three big paintings as I wait for the custom we're talking..the canvases are being built to order as well as the glass highlights!!

Dolors Ruscha has been making fused glass for years and I have been buying her really cool jewelry.  But, did you know she also makes sculptures and does home remodels?  You should see her bathroom...all mosaiced and out of this world crazy!

Come see us both on the north end during the Tour..Mother's Day weekend and the following weekend!!  Mark your calendars now!! Please!


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