Photographing the art!

Photographing my art for the website has always been a problem.  I use metallic paints and the reflections of this can cause issues.  The other night at the CAA meeting we had a demo by a pro on how to photograph our work.  I learned a few things and was reminded of a few I know but don't always like me.  One of his hints..scan two d art...well..what if you have yarn hanging on it, and it can not be fed into a large bed scanner?  That is the case with the Dancing Pears shown here.  I have taken several  shots of this but the background always turns out white when it is really a soft cream.  Yes, it matter. 

that is exactly why you have to come to the Studio tour and see it in much better than a photo ..I promise.  Location 22....mark your calendar and set up your route...You want to do the north will be so happy if you do!!


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