Prosperity comes to Islanders'

During the month of May, Prosperity will be hanging in Islanders' Restaurtant at the Triangle on Camano Island.  If you have never been there to try their pizza you need to make plans.  The two young men that own this great place used to be students of mine.  I am so glad to report that they turned out really great..I was a bit worried about them when they were in 7th adn 8th grade....a hard time for lots of us!  The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is just as nice.  Doris from the Seagrass Gallery keeps the walls hung with very interesting art work.  She is hanging a collection of different artists in May to advertise for the CAA Studio Tour..thank you Doris!!

This means that I have three pieces out there vying for the attention of potential buyers....Radiance at Salon Soleil, Poresperity at Islanders', and Inner Lagoon at the Seagrass Gallery.

I know there will be many art lovers out for the tour, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!! 



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