Prosperity finds a new home

Another of my big paintings has found a new home. The new owners intend to place her in the master bathroom in their home on Camano.  Laurie's seems to be the place to sell my art work!  I am very grateful for the Stanwood Art Walk as this makes number 5 sold since we put up the display for that event!! My work will continue to be on display there until August 20th when the new artist, Dotti Burton, will have her pieces on display.

I am busy on two new ones. One is going to Ohio and the other I am hoping to put in the juried show Farms, Fields, and Foliage.  New canvas has been ordered, and I have lots to keep me busy in the next few months!!! If they keep selling at this rate, I won't be able to keep up.....what a problem to be faced with!!!


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Congratulations on selling your painting. It's always encouraging to know there are people out there who appreciate your work. Keep it up.
-- Bath Tubs , 9/3/10

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