Putting together the outfit

After I have the design down for my dancing Power Woman and get her painted, I then start working on the outfit.
First...I look through all my boxes of Citro Solve papers and printed papers and put ones together that have contrast to one another and look good together.  Then I get out my special purchased papers and do the same.  When I decide on the look..and the colors I like best ..then
Second ...I use tracing paper to design an outfit over the top of the naked woman.  These have always been in at least two pieces..the top and the bottom..usually with tights or bloomers.. The headdress is usually the last thing I work on. 
Third..I start cutting out one piece at a time and trying it on..slowly building up the layers. I am now paying more attention to making the cuts to help create the effect of the sleeves going around the arms  and the jackets going behind the back.
At this stage I may have to try several different jackets to get the "right" one. What I think will look good doesn't always. Sooo I keep making tops and bottoms until I find the perfect ones!
Forth..I start to glue the pieces in place. This is more difficult than you might think as some are small and all have to be in exactly the right spot to look right.  some of the papers are thin and with glue on them they curl up...fun. It is when it turns out right!


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