Sad Sack Finds a home

Sad Sack
Stanwood held it's Holiday Art Walk the last Friday of November and 9 of my fish prints were on display at Laurie' of my favorite shops!!!  Sad Sack is one of the largest prints I have and has been in "storage" for several years as I could not get a mat that fit" off the rack"...after going through my stack of stored fish prints I choose all the ones I really liked and took them to Arron Brothers and purchased mats where I could and had mats cut when needed .....needless to say it cost a lot more to have them custom cut...and especially if you are shown double and triple mats that really look great. Suffice it to say the big fish prints cost a lot more to finish out than the standard size and therefore had to cost more.  This is why I am so happy to have sold one..seems price is really not the problem when you see something you really like.  A lesson learned for me....  stop worrying about cost and put out there what I really think is good.


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