pillow making
This machine has not seen the light of day in years....I am not a seamstress!  However, I had to remember how to do some simple thread the machine!! so that I could make some cute little pillows to go in the bottoms of my larger boxes.  The very small boxes get a pile of cool yarn.

  The slip cover for the pillow is not closed because....I want you to be able to insert your wish into the pillow if you decide to make this a dream box or wish box. just want to put some pretty jewelry in it that's still works. These are multipurpose boxes....they can be used for many interesting things.

I'm making a list..feel free to help me out with ideas!

You can find my new little darlings at three locations:  Ornamental Arts Gallery in Marysville, Seagrass Gallery on Camano Island and..for three days at my very special event at 164 Vista Del Mar on Camano Island. I loved making them, and I just know all of you are going to love owning them.


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