Snowy Sculptures

I'm taking a break from the usual painting and artistic creations.  It is very unusual for us to have so much snow and so much time to get out there and play! I have been working on figure drawings and nudes in preparation for the Unclad show.  It's not my usual thing but thought I would give it a try this year. Look closely and you can see how much fun I had making this snow lady angel...she looks pretty cool from the back as well!

 Our neigbors got together for a snowperson building extravaganza followed by fresh bread from the oven with butter to go with our egg nogs....we had a blast and because of the cold temperatures our creations are still there for all to see as they slip slide around our neighborhood. We have also made a snowperson birdfeeder that sits facing our front window so we can sit by the fire and watch the birds enjoying the seeds we put out for them.  It's just very Rockwell!


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Just too cute. Wish I could have been there. We could have had a snowball fight and made snow angels!
-- Jennita, 1/15/09

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