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Mugs and coasters
Yes, I have discovered how to get my images on ordinary household objects and I am loving it!!!   It is an opportunity to have the image in front of you to remind you just how much you really want that painting.....and maybe later?...down the road you will.  It's my plan to entice you while you drink your favorite coffee or tea each morning. could work! John's favorite mug now is the one done from my printmaking work.  I'm using the Currents Within mug.....Here is the upside..for a fraction of the cost you can have a miniture painting or part of a painting that takes up no room on your walls. 

 I am just soooo excited to see if anyone else loves these as much as I do.

Let me know!! I love comments to my site as well as e-mails!


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Yes! I want one! how do I see my choices and order, please?
-- Mary Saunders, 5/2/12

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