Stanwood Art Walk

Downtown Stanwood was alive last Friday night for the first of a series of Art Walks.  My art was/is showing at Laurie's until the middle of this month.  Here we are enjoying the people who joined us for the event...and it was an event.  We were both very happy with the numbers of enthuisiastic art lovers that came in to browse.  I had fun showing them all the hidden "stuff" in the painting I did for her shop.....and of course  it was fun talking about my big sale of the four on her brown wall and the new commission I am doing.  Another neighbor, Sue, had her handmade purses displayed; they were flying out the door like hot cakes. 

Did I mention the triple cream brie???  It was a hit as well.

Come by August 27th to see how Dotti Burton's art looks on that brown wall!!!


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