Studio Tour Preparations

It's the end of April already!!!  The Studio Tour on Mother's Day weekend is just around the corner, and I am busy getting ready. Here I am making up card packets.  My problem?  Just how many should I make?  I really have no way to know so I'm just making a bunch and hoping it will be enough....if I have cards for the whole summer that's just fine with me.....  making these is labor intensive .....and not my kind of fun!

Taking photos of my "completed" paintings really helps me to see if they are complete.....several times I have taken a painting back into the studio to make a correction after seeing the photo.  An example would be Lunar was framed and hung on my bedroom wall for two months with me thinking it was done.  I took a photograph of it for the Artz Cardz and saw that the contrast of the area around the moon wasn't right...needed to be toned down a bit with a bronze it is done but the card is a bit different than the painting.

I still have three small box canvases to complete by next week. ..these are the ones I started  and worked on at the CAA Artist in Action earlier in the month.  The sun has been out, and I've been playing at being a farmer....notice my pink nose in the photo...  We are going to have a really cool garden this summer.  Sugar snap peas anyone? 


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