The printing press
The time has come...Gerty is off her nest and so am I. My printmaking class at Evcc is in full swing. There are going to be challenges for me in this class.  First,  figuring out all the equipment..lots of new tools and ways of doing.  Second, organization of materials..lots of ways to mess up if you don't keep your "process" in the front of your mind. And..the most daunting of all...we are to focus on the subtle.  Subtle is not my usual operating mode. However, after the wonderful demo on inking a background last night, I am starting to see just how cool this could be. My thought before this demo was you just ink it all up in one background color and run it're good to go. How hard can this be?  Why the fuss? Then...she showed us just how beautiful and fun it could be to do a very interesting....soft....background. I'm hooked!!! I had a hard time going to sleep last night because I was thinking of all the ways I might like to try.

 Our teacher is very organized and good at doing a step by step demo that really leaves you feeling.... Yes..I can do this!!  I'll be down there on Wednesday creating some really soft, subtle backgrounds....that's my expectation anyway....we'll see if I can really do it!! I'll have to have the subtle mantra going!!

Keep checking in to see my progress on the printing!!


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