Swept Up..Swept Away...


  That's right two of the 24" by 12" by 3" dark blue babies with the rose sepal creatures have sold.  They were completed in March of 2008, and I was beginning to think they would be with me for the duration.  However, they just needed exposure...and  the right person at the right place to see just how they would fit.  I'm excited they have found a home.

This size seems to do well as I have made 18 this size and sold 14 of them.  One of the things I have kept track of is the painting inventory, and I'm very glad I have done so.  I have now completed and cataloged 106 paintings!! I started in 2007 so I have had some time, but I still think that is a large number and good production! And that I have kept up with the inventory is really surprising as it goes against my natural inclinations!!

The new series will have a 24 by 12 along with some box canvases.  Images of Earth Mother and Moon Faces...paper clay sculptures in the molding paste flows....that's what I'm thinkin'


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