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Our Gallery 2011
thank you!! What a wonderful group of people we had come to Location 11!! Through the misting rain, blowing rain, and the downpour...more than 1200 people came down the gravel drive to see our work.  We are very appreciative.....we enjoyed seeing and talking to all of lyou!

And..we had adoptions!!!  Eight of my paintings now have new homes; so, you will notice a shift  from the Abstract gallery to the Gone But Not Forgotten gallery. This means more money banked to go the Lima Sunrise Rotary Club in September.

Thank you again to all the people that came to see us....we hope to be there again next year with more unusual art for your homes!


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Simply love this article, after reading it i am your fan.
-- Make Money With Fiverr, 6/17/11

OMG! This is wonderful news! I like the feel of empty, something so satisfying for a gallery. Now we can see what will fill it up. Congratulations!!!!
-- Mary Saunders, 5/17/11

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