The Brochures and Posters are here!!

This is always an exciting time for CAA studio artists as it signals the coming of the Studio Tour that we have now been working on for  almost 7 months.  I have spent many hours selling ads for the brochure and getting new work ready for the big event.  We had to have our image in last November so to now see it in the brochure is sooo exciting.  I love the way our graphic designer put the pages together.  This year the images are bigger with just 4 to a page and our page..location 19...looks awesome!! Thank you Rhonda Huntermark for a job well done!

This year we are adding the very cool coasters to our ad campaign.  These are going out to bars and restaurants as yet another way to get our message out there!! 20 years we have been doing this and there are still people that live here that don't know about us!


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