The Haystacks

Arriving at the Haystack Gallery
We made it!! It takes about five hours to do the drive and it was rainy, misty, dreary most of the way. But when we arrived the sun came out and it was awesome.

My five paintings will be will be in the abstract area and just in time for the abstract show she is putting together. Did I mention that the Haystack Gallery is just across the street from Bill's Tavern...famous for their brewery and brews!!  Hope lots of people enjoy a few before heading across the street...

We stayed where we could see the the big haystack from our was very nice.  The bonus was the sandcastle building that was going on this weekend.  We just fell into a major event and it was wonderful!

Cannon Beach is full of great galleries and lots and lots of art.  My girls have landed in a really great place. We are both excited about being able to go back again and restock?? Always hopeful!!

Haystack Rock at low tide

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