The new Grotto Series

This new series will be ready for the CAA Studio Tour which opens on Friday May 10.  My work will be at location 11 for 5 days...3 on Mother's Day weekend and 2 days the following weekend.  I will be ther with my square ready and smiling!!

Amethyst is one of the large ones that is ready!! It is on a wooden panel 32" by 12" by 3" deep with the corners rounded to look a bit more organic.  John has built me two other panels along these lines for two more much liket his one....Pearl and Straw Quartz.

The smaller ones are 12" by 6" by 3" and are on wooden gessobord with geodes tucked in to create their grottoes. The finished one is Crystal Grotto Blue...purple and seagreen are in the works.

What makes this series different? The texture started with the gesso when I beat it up with tree branches..very interesting look...then the big holes cut and filed ino them  with the flow actually flowing into the oyster shell grotto.  They have underpainting under the gold..a few glitzy crystal beads and black mica on the flows and then.. a big honking crystal to cover most of the amethyst on one big one and a huge straw quartz on the other.  Chocolate pearls from one of my daugther's necklaces are on a smaller red and gold one. 

I think they are amazingly weird!!! I love them and the idea!! 


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