The Square!

my new Square
It was so exciting two years ago to get a credit card machine but boy did it end up costing me a I only use it once a year!  the Square is the perfect is reasonable and it works on my Samsung tablet.  I did have to have Aaron at Verizon walk me through how to get the app on my tablet, and now it works!!!

For my generation this is really magic stuff....I can now take payments any time... in the middle of the night...  any where I can get a signal.... It adds the tax and send the money to my bank account.  Most of you problably already know this but to people like me it is soooo exciting. When technolgy is an awesome thing.

I hope you noticed how I'm training the Universe to see big numbers going through my Square! I've got a month to send these messages....numbers..... out there.

Back to painting!


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