'Tis the Season

gift boxes
This is the third year I have teamed up with fellow artists to have a holiday sale.  We will be at Dolors Ruscha's glass studio here on the north end of Camano. More info to follow but here are some of the new gift boxes I am painting.  Found some interesting inks that are working well and all those cool paints I bought to do printmaking work on these canvas boxes as well.  Thinking these will have pearls and crystals along with the geodes and costume jewelry.

We will be sending out a Constant Contact email shortly, but if you like to plan way ahead the sale starts the day after Thanksgiving..Nov 28-30 and the first weekend in Dec, the 6& 7th.  Signs will be up all over the north end to help out find us!!


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The boxes are growing ever more beautiful! I bet they will be a big hit!
-- Mary Saunders, 11/8/14

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