Visit to SAM

It was a grand adventure!! My friend Dotti Burton invited me to a first Thursday event in Seattle via the public transportation system...which I had never used until yesterday!  I was able to get from my little island to downtown Seattle for $2.50!! It was fun as we were able to talk the whole way!! No worries about drving or parking!! We plan to do it many more times!

SAM had just opened a new show higligthing Calder and his extraordinary mobiles and a whole exhibit of Micelangelo's sketches for the Sistene was awesome! Then we headed to Pioneer Square to see what the galleries down there were planning for the First Thursday event.  It was raining and windy but we walked down anyway and found The Frost White Gallery and Eva Isaksen's layered paper/printing collages. Very inspiring.

Of course, we had to go through the Pike Place Market so we had to eat..Pirosky's for lunch and mochas just for fun.  Picked up my aji dulce at the Latino marketplace and just had a wonderful time!

If you would like to check in with my adventuring partner you can find her at  Her work also lives at ZHIBIT!


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