Wahooo!! again

I'm in the A & E
Now this is a large color photo of Dream Tide.....which sold last year but according to the paper is showing at the Ornamental Arts Gallery.  Oops..oh well, Stargazer is there and they are very close sisters! You can tell I was a bit excited to find this in the Everett Herald...thank you Laurie for calling me and letting me know it was there.  I confess I do not read all of the paper and was not expecting it.

Also in the photo you can see our new banana plant which will have edible bananas next year that taste like vanilla ice cream custard...that's what they say..I'm hoping.  The Meyer lemon is also in the background along with the lime tree.  The greenhouse is still a project, but she is coming along....wired and plumbed as of yesterday!  John is taking some time off today to make sauerkraut with the Bill down the street. Retirement is a blast.

11/2/12 was a very up day for me!!


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