Wall Jewelry!!

Jewelry for your walls!! What a concept......you change it up to fit your moods like you change your necklace to go with a different outfit!  I'm on to something here..I just know it! These new paintings will be showing at Laurie's Boutique in Stanwood, the perfect spot as they go with the cool outfits she has there.  I started with the blue glass and am moving on now to the red......with deeper cradles but still the 8" by 8" size. 

The idea to get to the heart of things with my Heart Series came about after hearing many people say they loved my work but just didn't have room for a 15" by 30" painting.  I can understand that as I don't have much wall space in my home either.  So...I thought I'll just cut the heart out of my design and do the fun part for the whole thing!!  And..it worked!! I love these little guys!! 


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