We were lost but now...????

You might remember this shot of my babies hitting the road to go to the gallery in San Francisco.  WEll, they had a great time even if only one of them sold.  The problem came in getting them back home.  Four packages left the gallery.... only three made it home.  The last package containing the 30" by 15" by 3" paintings has been "lost" since December 1st.  I have not been in a panic, but I was getting concerned.  Today the UPS office called to let me know they have been found...where?? in the UPS Lost and Found of course!  They are on they way back to me now. He said he didn't know what kind of shape they were in but that they were coming home!! The packaging left a lot to be desired..you would think a gallery would know how to package art...wouldn't you?

Hopefully, the next image on the blog will be of them whole and bursting with happiness to be back!!  And the one following that of them up at Starbucks!

Tranquility, Enchantment, Joyous, andTransformation.....we await your return!


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