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This is most one even ten years ago would have thought it possible that people would look to me to show them how to do anything on a computer.  Just goes to show how far computers have come. The computer teachers at my past thrree schools will be shocked as there were times they were called to help me when all I needed was to plug the thing in!

 My art lives at Zhibit ...because it is a template type web site.  They do it all!  All the client has to do is dump in the images and the words.  Okay you have to be able to find your images and at times I hide mine pretty good. have to write the just doens't appear.  But...they do just send out newsletter every month and they keep updating the site so now I can do so many more cool things than when I first signed link up to fb.

The class was convinced that they could do this, and I hope are now busy building their sites.  You know how I love those big kickbacks I get from my Zhibit and Art Biz.

Isn't growth beautiful?????


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