Welcome to Seagrass Gallery!

Allure is one of the first paintings you see when entering Seagrass Gallery. She is there to welcome and entice people to come in and see all the lovely objects Doris has gathered into the gallery.  It really is amazing; there is something for everyone. My paintings are combined with Dolors Ruscha's glass sculpture in a very dramatic display.  I love that our work is together as her glass is also in Allure. My latest gyotaku are also available in the gallery.  

I've fallen for some jewelry with big hunks of dreuze??? and I really need some of those cool fish Ms. Goff  makes that can go outside.  She was my pottery instructor back in the 90's......awesome creations from her!

When you drop in, be sure to tell Doris you heard from me just what a wonderful job she is doing!


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