What's in a Name?

Many of my paintings have a water or underwater feel.  This one feels like rich loomy soil bursting with nutrients....fertile, fecund...reminescent of the deep, dark heart of your creative being...with that in mind I attempted to name it.  After many tries and long lists of words I decided to get funky and turn one of the adjectives into a feminine name. Viola, Fecundina Maria was born! Okay it is ridiculous..but I liked it...and for a 24 hour period seriously considered it.  She is painting number 90 in my inventory; I am running out of dream, tide, flow and currrent ideas.  She isn't any of those anyway! Last night I fell back on my roots and googled fertility goddessess and got lots of great lists.  I picked Pomona, a Roman goddess, that represents abundance in her role of fertility along with fruit trees and orchards.

I really love the way this painting turned out and don't want to giggle everytime I mention her name. So long Fecundina Maria!!!


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