Another red letter day for my art business.  Forbidden Pools sold from the site using Paypal!!  This is my first online sale.  I believe this site to be very beneficial and really necessary for my art business but this is the first sale I have made directly from the site. I view it as a promotional tool more than a sales tool.  I'm thinking most people want to see the actual art before buying and this really is a good thing as they do look different in real life.  I have had people tell me they think they look better in real life as many are three dimensional and all most all have metallic paints that are hard to capture in a photo.   So this is a first and makes me realize that it is possible to make sales from a web site.  The fact that the customer is family and knows they can always trade it out for another if they don't like it hardly matters as I would allow a trade back in other cases as well.

Happy New Year!!! 


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