Why Location 11?

You've marked your calendar and know that over the Mother's Day weekend you will be coming to Camano Island for the famous CAA Studio Tour. You have your brochure that shows you examples of all the art and were each is located...now you need to make the plan...unless you are spending all five days there are decisions to be made!

So, Why Location 11?

#1 We've got some beautiful, unusual art work to show you!

Fine handcrafted wooden furniture made by Russ Riddle..the People's Choice of the 2009 & 2010 Harvest of Art Show. To see more go to:

Abstract mixed media paintings by Helen Saunders.  This year there is a much larger variety of smaller, more affordable paintings. Look in my abstract gallery for the most recent.

And..we will have one of the CAA's scholarship winners displaying with us!

#2 We're on the way to wherever you are going on the north end.  And..we've got an extra easy access..And lots of parking.

#3 Russ's Studio...There's lots to see in his studio if you are in to large machines, saws, big tools, and interesting stacking of unusal woods.  We will be having some demonstrations during the five day event. His huge garage is a working studio!

#4 The View..it's worth stopping to see the view from the park next door...to say nothing of the darling hen house my husband designed.. Russ and I are neighbors as well as Tour Partners!

And lastly..we're so excited to be a part of this great event that we will welcome you with smiling faces..even if its not sunny and warm.  Count on it!!


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