Yahooo! an almost empty wall!

The CAA Studio Tour that is held each year over the Mother's Day weekend here on Camano Island was a booming success for our location #23.  These panels had 5 Powerwomen collages to start the tour and now I have one.....Two of my larger paintings that have been looking for homes also sold...6 big pieces means success! So glad to  see that others really like my Powerwomen I get to make more!  Hoping to have two completed by next weekend....they were started now just need outfits!

The shadowbox canvases were also a hit..Stormy hasn't even been catalogued and put on the web site yet and she has a new home!!!

 Russ sold two great pieces of his work as well. Just looking at his fine woodworking is a treat. lCome by next weekend......we are having fun!


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