Way to Go!!


What exciting news!! Cascade Valley Hospital has decided to purchase the Hope Series!! The girls will be very happy hanging in the hospital radiating hope to all who walk by.  They were painted last Spring when I was preparing for all the summer art events.  At those events I got lots of positive comments on them but not much interest in buying them. The hosiptal is the perfect place as all three can hang together!! This year has been transformational for me as an artist and this sale really gives me the boost I need to want to continue. I'm really curious what will be happening next year at this time.


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Helen, I am so excited for you! I haven't looked at your Blog for a long time so I am sorry I haven't congratulated you about this yet! My favorite series!
-- Beth B. Dickson, 1/15/09

YES!!!!!! Happy, happy, happy! The beautiful Hope series has a home. I look forward to seeing them hanging the next time I come visit.
-- Mary Saunders, 11/15/08

Potpourri of Art


What an amazing organization.  This group has it down when it comes to setting up and tearing down.  It went smoothly and I was able to vist with some very interesting people.  The long day on Saturday wore me down and sales were just not happening! The kids loved my heifer buttons, but I don't have much to send to Heifer as a result of this show.  I was overly optomistic thinking I could reach my goal by Aug18th....I do have one more event that just popped up; so, I'm not givng up! It has been a great first year out on the event trail, and I have learned a lot.  The main thing being that arts and craft shows are not the main place I need to be trying to sell my art work.

The drive up to Bellingham was beautiful!  The colors this fall have been striking.  I especially loved the birch trees along Fairhaven drive.

Let's see if the gallery type show later in the month is more of a success!!


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