Artz journals !!


Hot off the work bench these creative little journals are just the thing for your holiday gifts!!!  Their opening debut is this weekend at the Potpourri of Art in Bellingham...see events.... The journals are all hand bound and made from all acid-free materials in Argentina.  Each journal has 80 sheets/160 pages of white, unlined paper. A liner insert is included to help you write in straight lines. I have the fun of getting to design the front covers with recycled jewelry, buttons, yarns, and whatever I think looks cool. They could be personalized with photos or objects of your choosing..just let me know!


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Fall Into Art Auction


Saturday the 18th AAC had their annual auction to raise funds for public art projects in the city of Arlington.  I had a blast selling raffle tickets for a "split the pot."  The winner went home with 350 dollars!  Of course, the real winner was our treasurer who bid on "Solistice" and won at $200.  This makes her...Solistice... my highest priced print to date...way to go Jean!! My monoprint, "The Face Off", also went for $200.....since I had that valued at $175..I was very pleased. We will see at the next meeting just how much money we raised for our cause, but it was a very fun evening. I plan to do it again next year!!

The photo is not one of "Solistice" or "The Face Off"..go to gyotaku to see the fish print..the other never made it on my web site.  I do have some collographs  that no one has been much interested in so..Virginia....come have a look since you didn't get the one you bid on!! I have a very disorganized system for storing my images and can't find the fish at the moment so what you have here is a photo of an encaustic  I did  and them turned into a holiday card...great colors...caught your eye right??


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Promote It!


Here we are at Gallery by the Bay on a rainy Monday afternoon learning how to promote the web sites that Gayle taught us how to build. That's Gayle with her pretty smile. Her materials are wonderful..full of practical ideas. Combine this with her hands on approach to how to do these things and you have a great class.  We visited our websites and saw first hand where things were and how to adjust them.  Lots of homework, but now I have a list and know what I'm suppose to be working on. 

If you need a web site and are just putting it off until..??? then this is the lady to talk to.  She convinced several of us that we could do it, and she was right!!



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First Gallery Opening


How first gallery opening and here to share it with me are two of my neighbors!! Russ has some beautiful pieces in the show as well.  He does incredible wood work!!! Clara is my Monday morning walking partner! We had great fun last night, and I learned some very interesting things.  A photograher took my card and said he would look at my site and see if he could give me hints on how to improve the photography of my pieces.  I have had several (2) people tell me that my art work looks very different (more impressive) in person so..need to fix that!! I would like the photos on this web site to truly reflect my work. Two of my fellow artists want some guidance on building their web sites..we have taken the same classes from Gayle so I'm thinking I might be able to help a little.  I was really drawn to the long horizontal pieces and have asked John to build me some wooden boxes in that a new look for next year is in the works!!  Seeing really great work really inspires!!


OH!! Did I mention the savory cheesecake!! WOW!! now the lady that baked those is an artist as well!  Gayle did an absolutely wonderful job of hanging all the work and putting this show together.  Be sure to drop in if you just happen to be in Stanwood.  I am still trying to work out which piece I would buy if...cost were no object and I actually had a place to hang it!!  That's always a fun exercise at these events. 


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Fall Into Art Auction


 On October 18th Arlington Art Council will present it's annual art auction to raise funds for purchasing public art for the city of Arlington.  It will be held at the Hawthorn Suites Hotel starting at 5:30.  Each of the tables will have 3 small 5" by 7" canvases painted after a famous master. Check out other designs by going to 

My table will be the Picasso table...I had great fun painting these small paintings in his style..using his design and his color scheme....from different paintings but can tell they were inspired by the master himself! What is really neat about this is that it gave me a great idea for holiday cards to sell at my next event which is the Potpourri of Art in Bellingham on Nov 1 and 2nd.


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