Day 2.. Art by the Bay


Another happy owner of one of my abstract paintings. It was absolutely gorgeous today and everyone was in great spirits.  I am happy to be home resting as it was also a long day.  Thanks to all the firends that came by to offer moral support and say Hi! I really enjoyed visiting with all of you. I'm hearing there is a need for a fish printing class...this could happen.  But, first, a rest.  This selling business is grueling. 

 I will be donating to my Team Heifer after I add up all my receipts but am sure I have not met my goal yet ..Several more events are on the horizon so I have not given up hope!!


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Art By The BAy


Today was an especially beautiful day on Camano Island and lots of people were out enjoying it!  This wonderful couple was the first to experience the packaging my marketing consultant helped me design.  Thank you Gina! I hope they enjoy the painting as much as I enjoyed wrapping it up for them!!  Tomorrow promises to be even warmer and so hopes are high for another wonderful day.  I have had requests for more "how to" blogs so they will be coming...Janie wants to know all about the laser transfer process on Moon Glow...she bought it, so I'll tell the secrets!! Also, I have had some wonderful comments and have found out that they are posted where the viewer wrote them ;so, you can see comments about the art work or the blog right under it.  How cool is that? I'm loving this web site!!


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Helen, Were we ever surprised when we opened your web site and clicked on your blog. It did not take us long after we got home and our new acquisition was in a special place. Gina-----you must be a great marketing consultant and designer. You have mail. Barbara and Derald
-- Barbara And Derald, 7/19/08

Prinitng Presentation for AAC


We start our meetings with a short presentation and this month I showed what I do in my printing.  We covered papers, paints, subjects, and special hints!!  It was a quick overview of how to be successful with printing with an emphasis on gyotaku prints.  I printed an octopus for the demo..forgot to put on the was a little stinky thing!

It was fun acting like teacher again...especialy with an audience that listens and really cares about what you are saying.


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Making Mortar Leaves


We had a very successful day turning rubarb and hosta leaves into mortar birdbaths, birdfieeders and garden art.  Here John is creating a dramatic leaf with his steep hill of sand and his large rubarb leaf.  It just takes some simple supplies and several hours of work.  They are now curing in the garden with pieces and parts of the leaves still sticking to the mortar.  John was Mortar Man and had to wait until the end to get his turn.....there were seven ladies making leaves so lots of chatting and laughing as we went.  This was the first session back in June.  We have since had another so feel we are getting the hang of it.  There are lots of ways to go about it and according to my neighbor, Laurie, lots of info on the web. I'm available as a consultant to friends that would like to host a leaf making at their house!!


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I have spent a morning making fish print t-shirts with Helen and a group of people and must say it was a great way to have fun. We laughed and talked and just had the best time AND I came away with a unique piece of wearable art that everyone comments on when I wear it. I can't wait to try the leaf birdbaths!
-- Mary, 7/19/08

Gina and Gordo


Here is my superduper sales assistant sitting in front of the fish print she just couldn't go home without! I'll have to figure a way to photograph him with his glass on for the gallery. He will be flying to California in a few days; I hope you have found "the spot" to hang him Gina.

It's Fourth of July and Duck Dash time in Arlington so we will be spending the day selling tickets and celebrating.  Crab season just opened up so we will have to suffer through some more fresh crab tonight while we watch fireworks!!

Happy Fourth!!


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Blow Out in La Conner


  Saturday started off sunny and warm with all indications that we would have an absolutely lovely day selling art work in La Conner. Less than an hour after arriving at my booth space I was given a sign of what was to shoes exploded!! I was just putting up the grids and getting everything ready when I felt that something was not right with the shoes.  Looking down I discovered that the soles had just completely fallen apart!!  Pieces were scattered all over the floor of the booth and I was hobbling around with a look of disbelief.  These were my special shoes from Germany.    O. K. they were several years old but to have them fall apart all at once!!

I carried on as I had planned ahead and brought another pair of comfy shoes for the 12 hour sales event!! My daughter, Gina ,was on hand to help me out and we did have an enjoyable time visiting with everyone. But we didn't sell much....she bought a fish print.  Next time I will have 10 or 15 helpers and maybe I'll sell more!

This is why, if you have visited my Heifer web site,you will have noticed that the amount has not gone up.  I have already donated more than 10% of my earning just to set up the site.  I'm not giving up however, and will be getting some new things ready for Art by the Bay in July.   I will make my goal by the end of the year.

This weekend we are making concrete/mortar leaves in the meadow...perhaps another how to blog will follow.  Once a teacher always a teacher!


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