Spa Night for my SFO Paintings!


The Burke Williams Spa in downtown San Francisco needed some art to decorate the walls during a gala they organized for their patrons.....they went to The Artists Alley and picked six artists to display for the evening....Soooo....six of my paintings are getting a spa night at this really classy spa!!  Wish I could be there to enjoy that with them!! The Currents Within is one of those. I've been told there will be a cool video on the Artists Alley website in a day or two, and if I can figure it out you just might see it here as well.


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Fresh Paint but no goat!!


The water front in Everett was the location of my last show this summer.  Fresh Paint is an artist in action event, and I was busy printing octopi on water and limited space made fish prints a little iffy so I went with the smaller ocotpi.  At the moment I have no photo of this so am putting on one of The Purple Ghost..not a good one but you get the idea.  He sold this weekend after being in my dining room for two years!!  I'm sure he will enjoy his new home! The weather was outstanding and lots of people were enjoying the day and the music.  Sales were not plentiful though so we are still working on the water buffalo. ....only $170 more to go!!!! My paintings are out there so it's possible we'll reach our goal before the end of the year!!


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SFO Gallery Opening


The Artists Alley in downtown San Francisco was the location of my recent art opening.  Here I am with Francesca the young woman who has been so helpful in getting me all set up on their web site and in the gallery.  We are looking forward to three months of me sending more and more paintings down so she can sell them!!  That's the plan ..let's see how it works!! My daughter, Gina, and niece, Christina, were on hand on Saturday to help me celebrate my art being in a big city gallery.  I enjoyed spending time with both of them and appreciated their support.


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Eclipsed in Coupeville


Here I am with the big news from Coupeville..a sale of a big painting!! The festival in Coupeville was the best organized and most pleasant experience yet as far as set up and tear down was concerned. John was there to help me, and we had the most gorgeous weather.  I sold one big painting, Eclipsed, and one smaller one, Adrift.  This means we can buy something else at the Heifer shop, and that I need to add flying mythical creatures to the other small paintings. I've decided that I am  going to save up my %10 earnings until we can get a water buffalo!!!

 The next event is the art opening at the Artists Alley in San Francisco.  I am now listed on their web site but she doesn't have the images up yet. In the few days I have before we leave for that I need to get some printing done because Fresh Paint is the 15th and 16th..YIPES!!  This being an artist business person is work!!


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