Octoprinting..the class


Here we are getting ready to put a very clean white skirt down on a painted octopus.  Yes, that would be a real wet and stinky octopus!! Patti my friend and neighbor and fellow artist thought we would be using cut outs or plastic ocotpi. She was a bit surprised when she showed up for class and saw the real thing!  She placed three prints down and around her white skirt and then added one on the back to cover a paint oopsy!  Ther were seven participants and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  I ran around like a crazy person trying to keep paint just where it was suppose to be.  They loved the flick paint lady said it was the best part to which I replied "that is just what my 6th graders used to say." We will run the class again if there is interest!


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Need an Art Biz coach??


You might wonder why I have a photo of crows and a moon on a blog about my art coach.  It would be a good question..think about it.  I have been working on Alyson Stanfield's book I'd Rather be in the Studio and am really enjoying it!  Hard to believe?  Well, I have several projects that she suggests already inventory list on a spreadsheet is a biggie.  Had to get my computer buddy to help but I got it done. I've got my file set up for my artists statement and continue to work on that.  She's got some very good..sensible advice in an easy to read format.  Buy the'll be glad you did!!  Mine has markers sticking out all over and is already looking used!!! And..if you buy it through my link I'd appreciate it!!  Her newsletter is also great, and I have benefited from it already.



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Garden art anyone?


Several months ago I mentioned garden sculptures and canvas floorcloths.  You've probably been wondering what happened to those two great ideas! Well, here is the first of the sculptures for my garden made from old lamp bases, a vase, and a bowl.  It's placed in the dahlia bed and will soon just be peaking out from behind the blooms. We are gathering the makings for some more, but I've been busy painting and pulling weeds. I must say it sure comes in handy to have as my partner a retired engineer/orthodontist because my way of gluing these objects together wouldn't have lasted long.  I've got all the materials to make the floorcloths and have started on's just not coming together in the way I hoped. ..but it will.  I have lots of places in mind to put them so it will happen. 


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Joyous in the Making


It's hard to stay in the studio when the weather is so wonderful; so, I took this project out under the canopy in my "pea patch." Here I am applying the moulding paste to the painting that just went through her naming ceremony...she is fresh out of the studio with a date at the Artists Alley in San Francisco in August!!  Gratitude sold there yesterday..June 9th ....a red letter day for my art career!! Check out my two new babies in the abstract gallery. My next piece will use a silverleaf jasper stone with a color palette called Hot and Spicy! And then there is that octoprinting class coming up..who said I wasn't working anymore!!!


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More octoprinting info


Thinking about signing up for the shirt printing class at Gallery by the Bay?  Here is some more information you might like before making your decision. In this photo you can see that this is a team takes more than two hands to make it work.  We will be helping one can do this!!

The cloth we are printing on just needs to be 100% cotton and washed to remove doesn't have to be a could be a tunic dress, capris, boxers....just remember that there is could miss up.   Not likely, but it could happen.  There will be some shells and plants available to add finishing touches to your design as well.  I have an example down at the gallery now if you want to drop by and take a look.  My Aunt Susie sent it just for this purpose;  we made them at my family reunion back in 2005. I'll be gathering up the materials soon and will probably run a practice session before the big day.


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