Fall Into Art Auction


Mark October 17th on your calendar and go out and buy your tickets today as the one and only AAC sponsored art auction is coming to town!! This event is sponsored by AAC to raise funds for public art in Arlington.  This is the reason you see all that wonderful art popping up all over your little city!! It takes place every October and is usually held, as it is this year, at the Medallion Hotel,16710 Smokey Point Boulevard, Arlington,Washington.  Tickets are $30 which includes a Paciific Rim buffet dinner and an evening of fun auction entertainment!! I'll have two pieces in the auction and several on the tables that will also be auctioned.  You can get those tickets at Flowers by George, Brushstrokes or call Jean at 360-435-5866.


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The Queen B


This is what I harvested at the Harvest of Art art show last weekend. I'm always falling for someone's else work but am very limiited in wall space to hang..I know..we hear that all the time...we are all limited in wall space..who has unlinited wall space?? However...I have lots and lots of space around the outside of the house; so, I decided that John and I should have a new lawn sculpture for our birthdays!!  This is one of Debbi Rhode's sculptures she makes from reclaimed metal parts.  She is famous in this part of the world and has offered to come and help get the Queen in just the right spot.  She's looking pretty good right here, but I'm afraid the birds will really decorate her if she is that close to a feeder!!


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I want one! She is so gorgeous in your yard. But then, your yard is to die for. What a view!
-- Mary, 9/26/09

Online class..Blast Off!!


Just in time....a class to make me more aware of what I am doing with my art business.  The photo taken at the Harvest of Art is to remind me I did not do what a good business person would have for that show!! This class will help me focus on the areas I need to improve on the far so good!! Day 4 and we are making lists of the things we tolerate but do nothing to fix.  I need to take action and get things done on that list. My weakest area is keeping the financial records up to date......I keep all the receipts etc..just stuffed in a file instead of recorded on my spreadsheet.  Last year I had Jennita as my helper bee and she got a lot of it done on her visit to me in the summer of, I'm on my own... but I can do it!!

If you haven't signed up for Alyson's free newsletter you are missing out on a valuable tool.  Her book "I'd Rather Be in the Studio" is great and has really helped me. Here is the link if you are interested.  Please use it as I get big kickbacks!!



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Harvest of Art


Well blow me down!!! why is this show over without a mention in my blog or anywhere on my site about it??  I have been remiss!! It was great!! My apologies from not making a big deal about it and sending out invitations etc.  I got so caught up with being responsible for it happening that I forgot to particiapte...does that make any sense???


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