Another red letter day for my art business.  Forbidden Pools sold from the site using Paypal!!  This is my first online sale.  I believe this site to be very beneficial and really necessary for my art business but this is the first sale I have made directly from the site. I view it as a promotional tool more than a sales tool.  I'm thinking most people want to see the actual art before buying and this really is a good thing as they do look different in real life.  I have had people tell me they think they look better in real life as many are three dimensional and all most all have metallic paints that are hard to capture in a photo.   So this is a first and makes me realize that it is possible to make sales from a web site.  The fact that the customer is family and knows they can always trade it out for another if they don't like it hardly matters as I would allow a trade back in other cases as well.

Happy New Year!!! 


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Just in time for Christmas!!


WE had a joyous time hanging the new arrangement on Christmas Eve morning.   Kim and John helped me get it all straight and Laurie was there to help us celebrate with coffees and treats.  I wanted to wait until after the 23rd as I had a dinner party that night and wanted all my favorites up in my dining room!  It is the first time Radiance has been displayed but the others are experienced and will surely show her the ropes!!  I have had comments from Starbucks customers on my site so feel they are being enjoyed and appreciated.

This grouping will be up until some time in January. I am planning get togethers with some and chats!!  Lots of you will be getting my newsletter on the 27th so give me a call and we will meet under my paintings!!


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Another New Painting!


Just completed a new 15" by 30" by 3" painting that started out as Harmony, but now I've decided Anticipation is the better name. I have attempted to get the colors right but she is still a little more purple than she really is.  All the metallic paints makes photographing these babies a pain.  I made her for my friend in Texas, but she will be hanging out with me for several months.

Currently she is hanging in the bedroom's great to have my walls full again!!  I have several places I'm displaying so this one could be out there soon.


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We're Home!!


It's just 15 days later than expected but the four wandering paintings have finally arrived home. It seems they took a trip to Sale Lake City and then hung around in the UPS Lost and Found for awhile.  The manager of the Stanwood store worked diligentlly to find them, and I am so glad. Here they are a bit "shopped" to show how glowingly happy they are to be home.

They will be out the door in a few days to go to the new gig at Starbucks.  It's a real party atmosphere down there this time of year so I'm sure they will enjoy.  I have had one friend meet me there for a coffee and a chat..anyone else interested?


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We were lost but now...????


You might remember this shot of my babies hitting the road to go to the gallery in San Francisco.  WEll, they had a great time even if only one of them sold.  The problem came in getting them back home.  Four packages left the gallery.... only three made it home.  The last package containing the 30" by 15" by 3" paintings has been "lost" since December 1st.  I have not been in a panic, but I was getting concerned.  Today the UPS office called to let me know they have been found...where?? in the UPS Lost and Found of course!  They are on they way back to me now. He said he didn't know what kind of shape they were in but that they were coming home!! The packaging left a lot to be would think a gallery would know how to package art...wouldn't you?

Hopefully, the next image on the blog will be of them whole and bursting with happiness to be back!!  And the one following that of them up at Starbucks!

Tranquility, Enchantment, Joyous, andTransformation.....we await your return!


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Naming a Painting


My process for naming my paintings continues to grow and be refined.  In the beginning I put the art work up and John and I sipped on a glass of wine while I talked about what I was thinking, my intention, and the feelings that painting evoked in me.  Then we started a list of words that might work....we continued...drinking and talking until the "right" word struck me as "the one." There have been times I had a name in mind and created the painting to fit the name.  I have found it more rewarding to create the feel I want and then find the name. 

Radiance was created to soothe my feelings of loss over two paintings I sold that I really would still like to have. I have found that it takes some time to let go of my paintings and if I don't take that time I suffer. I used Gratitude's design, colors, and feeling to create Radiance, and I feel I got closer to what I was wanting with this one. So, I am grateful that I sold Gratitude because it forced me to make a replacement that I love even more!

Radiance..glowing, brilliant..diffusing splendor, glory, and expressive of joy, pleasure, love, confidence, and happiness. Using my 15 pound dictionary is also a part of the process.

The names I place on my paintings are important to me.  I have even had to go back and rename a few because the names weren't "right."...perhaps the wine???  Currently, I have been working on the naming by myself in the early vino!!!


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Hanging out at the Local Coffee Shop


Some of the paintings are back from San Francisco just in time to be displayed in our local Starbucks.  They arrived on Monday and were hung on Tuesday.  I make them work..none of this just hanging round in the house.  One box is still "in transit" and the UPS store is having to run a trace.  It is, of course, the box with the three 30" by 15" paintings that I was planning to put in this space at Starbucks.  When they get here I will redo it. 

The plan is for my work to be up in this lovely spot for about 6 weeks.  They just repainted this wall a really yummy peanut butter color that really goes well with my work. This is the perfect opportunity to meet me there for a cofffee and a chat.  Give me a call!


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We just enjoyed some coffee with our two little girls. Love your work! I have an artist friend in NY who your work makes me think of. Are you going to be on the studio tour this year? We haven't gone in the past but, we might this year. I have an idea in the back of my head of a personal project I would like to do that would involve local artists.
-- Adam, 12/21/09

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