June 22nd I will be teaching a class on how to print a Tshirt with a really cool ocotpus or a fish..or both.  The photo shows one of the first steps....arranging the octopus. It is important to get him all laid out just right....The class will be held at Gallery By the Bay in downtown Stanwood.  I will bring the ocotpi and the paint....maybe some shirts but usually people like to bring their own.  Be sure it is 100% cotton and has been washed.  All of this info with times and cost can be found by going to the Gallery's website..look under links and it will take you there.  Isn't technology wonderful?


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My son had a great time creating his very unique t-shirt! Octopi take longer to arrange than fish, & design is well worth that effort. Notice his crab permit; he's only one to catch any.
-- Kathleen Saunders, 5/26/09

San Francisco here we come!


Tranquilty and Gratitude wait to be loaded into the Mini for the trip to the UPS office.  They have a date with The Artists Alley in downtown San Francisco.  The first of the babies to hit the big time!! This has been a busy day...two off to Colorado and two off to the bay area. My walls are feeling naked, but I am very excited!!  I am even more excited about all the new work that is just waitng for me out in my studio.  I wonder what will happen next?  This has been an awesome year so far!! 


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On the Road!


Two of my paintings are on the move!  Mysterious and Enticement have hopped a plane to Boulder, Colorado to enhance the walls in Whitfield Reaves office.  I bill them as radiating peaceful healing energy so here is the test.  I am sure Whit will take great care of them and show them a real good time in Colorado.  Hopefully, they will even find a home that wants to adopt them.  This is the start of sending my work out into the great big will be interesting to see where they end up.


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We bought a goat!!


The more paintings that go out the door all wrapped up like this help to buy animals for Heifer International.  The CAA Studio Tour brought in enough money for me to buy a goat! I send them 10% of what I sell and feel very good doing so.  If you have a chance to read Barbara Kingsolver's "Red is MY Color" in the AARP magazine you will understand why I think so much of this organization.  Thanks to all of you who purchased art from me last weekend.....I'm passing on the gift!


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To Success!!!


It was a long three days on our feet but our first experience of being "on the tour" is now successfully behind us.  CAA's  11th annual Studio Tour is over and we would like to say  "thank you" to all the people behind the scenes that have been working for months to make this event run smoothly. My work was at Pamela Searcy's Sturdio, and we had crowds of happy people that came to view our work.   It was a joy talking to them!

Now to regroup and get ready for the next big show!


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A New Home


Breath of Fire has found a new home in Sammamish Washington.  Here are the happy adopted parents.  I was really not ready to let her go...but it is hard (during these trying times) to find a good home; it was for the best.  You know when they go to the trouble of making a mock up to make sure the art will fit that they are serious and will do an excellent job of taking care of your baby.  This was an exciting sale for me, and I am very pleased that this special painting has found a special home!


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We're Ready!!


Here at Location 16 on the CAA Studio Tour we are ready for action.  Pamela and I have packed her lovely home/studio with our original paintings. We are very excited to be a part of this wonderful event and are looking forward to seeing lots of happy people in the next three days.  The sun is going to be shining on our little piece of paradise and we welcome you all to come out and enjoy the art, the sunshine, the flowers, and each other!!


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