Octoprinting in the garden


Octopi have very dainty tentacles which causes them to dry quickly and not print with the first go around.  Here I am enhancing the tentacles so they look more graceful.  For some reason I don't mind painting on the T-shirts if they don't print perfectly......the gyotaku are another story.  Those I pull as pure prints.  There are three new black ones for the show this weekend in Coupeville...they turned out very nice!!  I love the octopi T-shirts and am interested in seeing if anyone else does..this is their test market.  I'll have several new things that haven't been seen before..I had to do something as all the big paintings are in San Francisco.

It was a record hot day today, but I was out early under my umbrella surrounded by my dahlias!!!  They are beautuful!!


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Art is in the Eye....


While I have been busy painting and  getting ready for my big event in San Francisco my dahlias have been busy growing and getting BIG!  Here is Betty in all her glory.,,she is a yellow dinnerplate dahlia named after my second mother, Betty Marr.  Isn't she a beaut!!


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On the Road


They have been telling me that they wanted to go and see the world...and now they have the opportunity!  Eleven of my mixed media pieces are being boxed and shipped to San Francisco to The Artists Alley, 863 Mission Street...right downtown across from Bloomindale's.  They will also pop up on that web site so be looking!!  It's great to be able to travel when you're young.  I've got some real mixed feelings about having them come back home.  The ideal situation would be for all of them to be adopted into good California homes!!  John and I are going down to help them settle in and have a big party on August the 8th.  My daughter, Gina, and niece, Christina, will join us in the celebration.  What fun!! More photos will follow of that happening.



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Sales at Art by the Bay=1 pig


Day 2 started off cold and misty and turned to rain.  One hot day and one cold and rainy!! I sold four paintings and was able to purchase a pig for Heifer International!!  I'll be able to add some chickens as soon as all the earnings are in from printed T-shirts and other misc. items.  It makes it more exciting (while standing in the rain waiting for customers) to know that some of the money I am generating is going to such a worthy cause! Now to get those fish and octopi out and start getting ready for Coupeville.  I understand lots of people show up to this one so I'll need more inventory!

Thank you to all my customers and repeat customers who helped me buy my first pig for Heifer!! Check out their web site...there is a link on this site .


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Day One...Art by the Bay


The day was warm and sunny and lots of folks came out to see the wonderful displays at Utsalady Elementary School...this is the last year that Art by the Bay will be in this location..2010 it will be held at the fair grounds. Here are two of my new paintings with their new owners....+++Spicy and Seeds of Gratitude are no longer in the inventory!!  It was great to have the sisters fighting over who was going to get what!! Thanks for coming ladies!!


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Set Up for Art by the Bay


Things could have been easier..the set up today was a bit of a hassle as evidenced by my pink cheeks and weary expression BUT..we got the tent up and we are ready to go! It would probably help if we did it more often as we forget all the little details. It is suppose to be lovely again tomorrow so I look forward to seeing lots of people and talking about my process.....more happy shots to follow!


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