Fun With Indy


Today I had a great time at Portraits by Indy in downtown Stanwood.  It's been a long time since I had a pro take my picture..what fun...and I love those photoshop tools that ease over those wrinkles and soften those lines!!!  I got some pointers on tools, lighting, how to hold your head...just all kinds of vital info.  The purpose of the new photo is to make my artists info sign for the Seagrass Gallery on the island.  Remember, I have work there now which makes me a part of the gallery with a need for a "sign" for my work.  Tranquility is the painting that is representing me there at this time.  I am hoping to get Inner Lagoon into a show next month.....wish me luck!  I think Indy did a great job....comments???


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I just want to touch it?


Creating art work is an enjoyable process for me.  I love getting my hands into the paints, gels, paste, beads, and yarns.  The feel of it is satisfying.  Before I start a painting I run my fingers through my yarns and over the stones, beads, and glass baubles.  I walk through my garden and scope out what plants are available..ferns are always available...another plus for them!  If I'm putting my love of texture into my work from the beginning shouldn't it come through in the finished product?  My answer to that is YES!!  So, I'm very pleased when someone walks right up and says "I want to touch it? Can I touch it" What is that? How do you do that? I've never seen anything like it!" 

 Response...I love getting that response!  Really any response is better than none at all but even people who don't like abstract paintings seem to be interested in my process. is fun talking to people about what I do and trying to communicate why it is I do it.


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I love how Helen is so feminine in her work. By that I mean although she knows the technical side of her art, she creates it from a deep place inside herself, from her heart and her emotions, trusting her hands and eyes, trusting life itself. She is a wise woman artist and I love her work!
-- Mary Saunders, 5/27/10

Art into chickens????





Thank you to all my customers and my one collector!! The Studio Tour is was great fun, and I sold some paintings and cards.  With a commissioned painting sold  earlier in the year  I was able to donate $100 to Heifer International to go towards chickens for  families where a flock of chickens could really make a difference. I have pledged 10% of my art sales to Heifer this year and look forward to being able to send them lots more money in 2010.  I need to set up another team page as we have met the goal on the last one.  And, no, I haven't forgotten my wish to buy the water buffalo. It is just that since we have brought chickens into our lives here on Camano we are having such fun, learning some interesting things, and  looking forward to September and our first fresh eggs!! 

The poster girls are Bertha, the light Brahma, and Agnes, the Ameraucana.  Fb has photos of them as chicks along with the building of the ultimate in hen houses.  Yesterday John finished the window trim and we added the flower box and petunias along with a second trapeze for Agnes who likes to launch herself at the others.....yet to come..the fancy frosting- like trim, the roof, the cupala, hen weather vane..and of course, a birdhouse on the corner. 


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Studio Tour 2010


The first weekend of the Mother's Day Studio Tour is over....we had great fun and sold some paintings!!! Here are two wonderful ladies that drove up to be at the door when we opened Saturday is their second time to vist us on the tour and again..they took away paintings. 


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