The Last of a Series


I have been experimenting with this type of painting for over a year and have decided that I've done all I want to do with this technique and look for now.  I've had great fun trying the acrylic mediums in combinations just to see what would happen.  I love some of the looks...the glass beads mixed with the small mica is a fav along with the glass beads with the black mica that is in this one..for the first time.  I've pretty much got the ferns under soft gel doing what I want and so it is time to move on. 
Tulip time is just around the corner and I've started working from some reference photos of the famous tulip fields to the north.  Aerial photos...a real neat look!! Next month the new paintings will look very different!!


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Another fish print to be auctioned


My gyotaku fish prints are bringing in money at auctions  for local community projects.  Last Fall one went at the Arlington Art Council's auction to bring in money for public art.  Then the Camano Island Chamber had their Chili Chowder Cook Off and auction and that one brought in $300 for them.  I don't usually sell them for that but those auctions bring out the money. It is great fun to see that people really like them!
  On March 20th the Camano Island Library Friends are having a dinner and auction and one of my prints will be on the auction block again. This time it is Misty...done on black printing paper with luminesent paints.... she really glows under the lights.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the event at the Camano Island Community & Senior Center on Arrowhead Road and help to save the Camano Island Library!


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The Hope Series..Cascade Valley Hospital


Tonight was the big celebration for the opening of the new wing of Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington, Washington. It is lovely!!  I am very pleased with the placement of my three Hope paintings at the top of the staircase on a curved teal wall.  They look great!  It was exciting to see my name on a professional!! It was also fun to see so many arts council buddies there along with many of our Rotary friends.
The roof top garden is amazing, the stained glass by Jack Archibald deserves a second look with some sunlight coming through, and the entrance makes you feel you've really stepped into some place special. Although I hope I won't be spending much time there, if I have to do so it will be a more pleasant experience with all these wonderful additons.

Arlington can be very may be a little town but they have a big heart and surround all they do with art from the community.


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The 3 together do look so beautiful-all flowy and luminous. And I must say, you look gorgeous next to them! Congratulations!
-- Mary Saunders, 1/25/10

Prosperity in the New Year!


This is my first finished painting of 2010.  I am happy to be back in the studio and producing paintings I really love.  I was feeling abundant..warm and cozy after a wonderful holiday and it came through in the art.  The colors are perfect in my dining room where Prosperity will reign until the show in Auburn at the end of this month.  I've got another in the works (blues)  and some new ideas for the texture.....I'm starting to feel I want to experiment again. You can see this one bigger and from different angles under Abstracts!!

This is going to be a great year for my art!!


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