What's in a Name?


Many of my paintings have a water or underwater feel.  This one feels like rich loomy soil bursting with nutrients....fertile, fecund...reminescent of the deep, dark heart of your creative being...with that in mind I attempted to name it.  After many tries and long lists of words I decided to get funky and turn one of the adjectives into a feminine name. Viola, Fecundina Maria was born! Okay it is ridiculous..but I liked it...and for a 24 hour period seriously considered it.  She is painting number 90 in my inventory; I am running out of dream, tide, flow and currrent ideas.  She isn't any of those anyway! Last night I fell back on my roots and googled fertility goddessess and got lots of great lists.  I picked Pomona, a Roman goddess, that represents abundance in her role of fertility along with fruit trees and orchards.

I really love the way this painting turned out and don't want to giggle everytime I mention her name. So long Fecundina Maria!!!


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Build It and They Will Come!


It's true....if you build the space the clients will come!  I have just finished up the remodel on my new studio space and already have had a couple come in to discuss a commission.   I'm pretty sure they were much more impressed with the way it looks now than they would have been with the bedroom furniture and piles of junk!!  This is the first time complete strangers have shown an interest in having me do a commission.  The last four were friends and I went to them as I didn't have a studio to invite them to.  Perhaps creating the art came first....building a reputation...even if local and not grand..and being on the CAA web site where they first saw my work also helped to get them in for a consultation.  But..a professional space marks a professional!!  I'm so excited that the time, money, and effort was not wasted!

Bottom line?? I'm five..five...canvases behind!! That is just coool! The photo is the two I just started for the Smith commission which is due to be hung on their return in late April....lots of time.  Especially if they really don't want me for jury duty next month..don't they know we have an art tour coming up?...I've got lots to do and had better get out there and get my hands dirty! NOW!


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Here's the Treasure!


Glass Quest starts this Friday the 18th and runs through the 27th!  Here are three of the treasures we will be awarding Questors who find the clue balls in the store.  We have ten of these wonderful "snowballs."  All you have to do is get a guidebook from us , Gallery By the Bay and other the rules...YES there are rules but they are simple.  Go out looking for the  green posters with a red X on the treasure in store windows and go in and search for the clueballs..Find one and you win!  The point is to acquaint visitors with the businesses in the Stanwood Camano get to learn about the area, have a fun outting and..possibly win a great gift! 

Come in to see us at Laurie's and we will explain it better!! You will also get to see my new work and that of artist Pamela Searcy.  I'm told it was a big time last year and this year has so many more businesses participating that you have even better chances of finding a clue ball...but just one per of the rules!! 


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SOLD!! Dream Tide finds a home!


Dream Tide
It may be raining and dreary outside, but it is bursting with positive good cheer inside my studio today!  Dream Tide has been hanging at Laurie's for several months, but today she caught the eye of a very perceptive woman and is headed to a new home just north of here.  I love getting these calls Laurie!  You really have a wonderful clientele..they like my art almost as much as they love your clothes!


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