Spirit Sister


Spirit Sister center
The three Spirit Sisters are starting to take shape.  This photo was taken right after adding the Japanese Red Leaf maple leaves.  Not all the leaves on this tree are red....some are burgandy, bright green, and then that fresh new leaf that was glowing red....they will all fade after awhile.

The female spirit shape in the central painting is the most obvious ..the other two are hidden more in the molding paste.  I've decided to go to paper clay to make the images I want to add to the flows in the future...more detail possible.  I'm thinking Moon Face Women next...see The Artist's Way has me with ideas backed up!!

I'm in a good place to get these three done before my deadline of July 14th.  My intention is to have them is suppose to be in the 70's next week..summer is really on its way!! That means lots more time in the garden....and then there is that flat beautiful bay out there that is just yearning for a many fun things to do, and I'm only human!!!



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Finding my way.....


Tea Party
along the artistic road.  I needed a map!! Don't like reading maps and used to have problems with that.  Not anymore.  After being poked several times and told that  The Artist's Way  was a really cool book, I decided to take a look on Amazon and just check it out.  I found three books...ordered the lot..and three days after just thinking about it, I was writing in my Moringing Pages Journal.  I am now on week five and truly enjoying the ride!!  Changes have happened and are happening in my thinking and in my actions....where it really counts!! I know my creativity was not blocked..this is not denial..I have been producing....many and changing concepts....but..what if it really is, and I have so much more in me???  What would happen if I had more creativity??  Nothing bad I can assure you!

This photo was taken yesterday in my Peapatch, the area of the garden where the sugar snap peas form one wall and the sweet peas are growing up the canopy "leg."   We have always just called it the Peapatch.  It is the site of a HIgh Tea Party I will be hosting in August, and I needed an invitation...decided to create my own instead of buying one!!  Now, there's a thought!!  A new and different way of doing....yes, I am open to change. 

I suggest strongly you give these materials a shot....if you are at all interested in letting your inner creative self out for a walk!!  I don't even get a big kick back on these, and I'm still high on them!! Next Blog, The Spirit Sisters...there are changes in them as well!! 


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Moving on.....


Ode to Spring
Did you think I would not show you the finished piece??? Well, here she is in all her golden glory.  It was fun once again trying to get the colors correct.  I have even signed up for a short photography class to try and figure it out. They almost don't ft on my wall so were a bit squished but..they do fit on the wall they were designed for so that is great.  I love the feel of this painting..could gaze into it for....a long time. You will find it under Commissions, my new gallery.  I have moved all the work I have done as commssion work here.

Now..I'm moving on to the work that I will enter for the Call for Art from Snohomish County.  They have a budget and bare walls at the county courthouse.  I love the budget for art part!! I have had to order more canvas as they don't want 3" deep canvas sticking out from the walls...has to be 2" or new canvas again.  I got started right away..the day the new canvas arrived to be exact... and have been working like a crazy woman to meet the dealine.  Thus... The Spirit Sisters are already looking really cool.  These will have female forms in the molding paste, Ruscha fused glass, and many other wonders yet to be laid in...keep watching.

And send me some positive vibes that the panel with the say so will just love my Spirit Sisters!!


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Empty Nest


The pick up
My lovely brown wall is empty again.  For four months it has been dominated by the three big canvases.  For awhile it was a great white presence but lately I have enjoyed the goldness..the warmth they emitted.  The wall now is bare but has some nice gold drips and paint marks that only makes it more endearing.   The plan is go out there and clean it all up before the 10th when the new batch of canvas arrives and I start on a project for the Snohomish County money up front on this one.  I get to submit for approval....and just hope they are loved.  BUT...they have a budget and they are going to buy art... so why not mine???

I have to have something to do for the next three weeks.  It might as well be painting!!  We'll see.  I wonder.... is it really realistic to think I can finish three in 3 weeks when I was working on the last three for four months???


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