Party Time!!


The artists 2011
It was party time in Stanwood last night!  Lots of people and chatter.  Here you have Sally Pray, the glass jewelry artist, Laurie Ware, owner of the shop, Bev Paulson, the September artist at Laurie's, and me....the photo was great of the other three so I'm posting this one even though "sex" is not my best word for a photo....I prefer "cheese"..a softer looking fakey smile!!

The art, the jewelry, and the clothes are still there so drop on in if you have a minute.  Sally and I are both in different tops than we arrived in!! She really has some very cool things in that little shop!

The last Friday in August and September will see Laurie doing it all again...mark your calendars!!! 19 businesses were open late last night promoting downtown and entertaining guests!


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My girls and their water

The girls have it better in this department than the majority of humans on earth.  They get clean water that is fit for human consumtion....daily.  Many Americans are out spending millions on plastic bottled water, filling landfills, building floating plastic islands in the ocean while we have available to us some of the best drinking water in the world.

This is not the case for many countries.  This is why I have chosen a clean water project to support in Peru. The Lima Sunrise Rotary Club has been working on getting water filters to individual homes for several years now.  The filters they provide cost $22 each and they have delivered almost 2,500 of them.  I intend to donate 10%  of art sales this year to thier club for this project.  See "The Art of Giving" gallery for details as to why Peru. I'm planing on $1,000 which means I need to make a few more sales!! We will be in Lima on Sept 22 to go to one of their meetings,  exchange Rotary flags, and get more information.

I can't get a good web address that works every time. them and see what you can learn about this project!!

I will be drinking out of plastic bottles while I am there!! There is a good reason to have bottled water. We just need to be more mindful of when that is!


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Art Walk
It's this Friday night in downtown Stanwood at Laurie's Boutique....from 5 unitl, cheese...lots of friends and fun.  Laurie is planning a special Art Walk Special come on down!!

My work is displayed throughout the store in a most splendid way.  Sue is a master at putting my work up next to their clothes.  It looks like it just goes!! Gives the whole store a homey cozy feel.

Love to see a crowd!


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Swept Up..Swept Away...



  That's right two of the 24" by 12" by 3" dark blue babies with the rose sepal creatures have sold.  They were completed in March of 2008, and I was beginning to think they would be with me for the duration.  However, they just needed exposure...and  the right person at the right place to see just how they would fit.  I'm excited they have found a home.

This size seems to do well as I have made 18 this size and sold 14 of them.  One of the things I have kept track of is the painting inventory, and I'm very glad I have done so.  I have now completed and cataloged 106 paintings!! I started in 2007 so I have had some time, but I still think that is a large number and good production! And that I have kept up with the inventory is really surprising as it goes against my natural inclinations!!

The new series will have a 24 by 12 along with some box canvases.  Images of Earth Mother and Moon Faces...paper clay sculptures in the molding paste flows....that's what I'm thinkin'


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Now What????


It's Ready!!
The art is done, all the paperwork filled out, and off to the post office! Now that my big project is completed I have a hole to fill.....what to do next?  I have been spending hours in my studio and I kinda like it out there...but I need to have something to do.

Great thing is I have several ideas just have to decide which one is first and....I think it is going to be printmaking!! I haven't done any of my fish prints since last summer, and I'm running very low on nice ones.  I even have a possible gallery to sell them for me if..if....I can get some really nice ones done.

So that will be the focus of the next couple of weeks while I wait for the panel to decide about the Spirit Sisters.  The moon is full tonight but I don't have a last really great prints happened on the solstice 09....there really is something to having the right energy for the right project.  I do have velvet being a favorite. Metallic paints on black printing paper makes some awesome gyotaku!

Check back in a week or so and see what happened!!


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And the Answer is....


Spirit Sisters Triptych
YES! I can get three large canvases done in time to meet the deadline of July fact, I'm ahead of schedule.  I did it!! They're done!!! Introducing the Spirit Sisters from right to left..Truth, Justice, and Wisdom.  This is the first time that shapes have been incorporated into the flows..they have female spirits emerging.... abstract and small but still there and golden!! The glass pieces were fused for me by Dolors Ruscha..if you haven't seen her site you need to check it out!! I put it together for her....and it's awesome.  Hard to miss with her photos of her work!! 

Now to wait and see if the panel thinks they fit in the court house.  It's a good question. I love them and have decided that although I would really love to sell them, I would also be happy to have them around to look at for awhile. 


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Summer Art Walk


Laurie's Boutique
Laurie's..a Unique Boutique is the place to be on Friday July, 22 from 5 until 8 or so.... She will be showcasing my art work and the jewelry of  Sally Pray.  The art is already on the walls so if you can't make it on that Friday stop by and check it out at your leisure....however, there will be wine and goodies on the 22nd!  Many of the paintings are rather new....they were in the CAA Studio Tour but the rain kept many away from that event.  It'll be great on the 22nd!  I'm sure.

So, mark your calendars and head down to Stanwood for dinner and a really cool art walk!  John will be pouring the wine.....and eating the goodies so get there early!!

For those of you who don't know has one block of businesses on the east won't be able to miss it....we're on the north side across from Gallery By the Bay. The brick street is west is a block long as well.


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I love the spirit sisters series. It reminds me of one of the first of Helen's paintings that I purchased in the beginning. As I awake to it in my bedroom it invokes in me my feminine curiosity that laid dormant for too many years.. my guests all enjoy it as well!
-- Kim, 7/9/11

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